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Parents and Child


My name is Alice Woolverton, and I am conducting a study about how white parents and primary caregivers and their children can learn and develop anti-racist knowledge and skills together! The title of this program is A Collaborative Caregiver-Child Anti-Racism Program (CCARP). 


A little bit about me: I am a white woman completing my clinical psychology PhD at Suffolk Univiersity. I am motivated to reduce racism among children and foster the next generation of anti-racist kids!  


I am offering a five-week-long program to white caregiver-child pairs. This program is based on research and developed by me, a psychologist in training who has worked with children aged 5-18, and my mentor, Amy Marks, an experienced developmental psychologist. The main goal of the program is to test its feasibility and acceptability; in other words, how you think it went and how we can improve! 


Participation is completely remote and through Zoom, email, and a secure survey platform called Qualtrics. Here is what the program includes: 

  • Completion of two sets of questionnaires, one before and one after the program (around 30 mins) 

  • Completion of two interviews with me or Amy, one before and one after the program about what you expected and how it went (around 20 minutes/ interview) 

  • One week of intensive guided caregiver-only learning about the topics you will talk with your child about through Qualtrics (we will teach you how to use Qualtrics!) 

  • Two weeks of engaging with your child in developmentally appropriate guided conversations and activities about race, racism, anti-racism, and white privilege through Qualtrics 

  • Two 15-minute consultation phone calls with me or Amy to discuss how the program is going after weeks 2 and 3 


Participation is completely voluntary. Please reach out to me to learn more about participation in CCARP. My email address is

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