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Samantha Jane


I am a third year PhD student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at Suffolk University. I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from the University of the Philippines and got my M.A. in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College. My work as a Guidance Counselor for middle school students, as well as interning at the Center for Teen Empowerment in Somerville led to my interest in working with youth and studying positive youth development. I am currently working on a mixed-methods project with Families First to evaluate their Power of Parenting program through visual data. I eventually want to explore the perpetuation of colorism in society through media and social media, and how this affects the development of adolescent Filipinos. 

She, her, hers

Research Interests

Adolescent Development, Colorism, Positive Youth Development.

Publications & Presentations


Murry, M.D., Nguyen, V., Benavidez-Walsh, S. J., Kniskern, R., Morson, C., Marks, Amy K. (2021). Addressing school and education COVID disparities. PennState Social Science Research Institute. 

Murry, M. D., Benavidez-Walsh, S. J., Browne, R. K., & Marks, A. K. (Under Review). School Based Interventions for Equitable Learning. To appear in: Halpern-Felsher, B (Ed). Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Health, Elsevier. 


Benavidez-Walsh, S. J., Luehrs, R., Duté, K., DiBiase, R., Osborne, K., Speck, A., O'Brien, M., & Marks, A. K. (Under review). The Power of ParentingTM Program: parent identity and parenting transformations shown through parents’ self-reflective drawings [Poster session]. Submitted to the 2021 Society for Research in Child Development Virtual Biennial Meeting.

Suzuki, S., Benavidez, S.J., Quinn, S., Gill, S., Fu, Y., Worg, C., Rojas, A.G., Johnson, S., & Lerner, J. (2018, October). Youth contribution: Relations between youth’s activity participation and their life goals. [Poster session] Submitted to the 2018 Society for Research in Child Development special topic meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Quema, P., Ventosa, A.R., Benavidez, S.J., & Batican, A.A.M. (2013, February). Ina, anak, apo: How prior experience influences a mother’s view of her adolescent daughter’s pregnancy. Paper presented at PSYnergy 7, Manila, Philippines.

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