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School Based Interventions for Equitable Learning

Marit D Murry, Samantha Jane Benavidez-Walsh, Rebecca K Browne, and Amy K Marks

Department of Psychology, Suffolk University, Boston, MA, United States

Abstract: Schools are a central context for children and adolescents’ development and learning, and they have long been considered the “great equalizer” of opportunity in American society. This article synthesizes foundational knowledge from multiple scientific disciplines regarding youth development, learning, and education. After providing a framework for understanding U.S. public schooling in historical, political, and social contexts, we present empirical work focused on understanding school-based interventions that address oppression and inequity by targeting student’s physical, social, and emotional needs. Specifically, we highlight school-based mentoring, social emotional learning, and basic needs interventions that have been shown to foster positive learning environments and lead to positive developmental outcomes.

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